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Default Awakenings character import question.

April 19th, 2010, 16:14
I tried multiple time the import of a DAO character but not after final to avoid have a too high level character. Here what I quoted:
  • Warden Keep, Collector and Blood Armor items aren't imported so better sell them before.
  • Warden Keep Blood Talents are imported but then in Awakening they are dead Talent with no function and no description.
  • Return to Ostagar, the Stone Prisoner and all DAO items I tried was imported with no problem, but Cailan Armor set is still an over powerful armor set in Awakening so I don't advise use it in Awakening.

To minimize the number of problems in Awakening:
  • It's much better to un install mods you installed. Then install only few and only those mentioning clearly they support and are compatible with Awakening. Even now not much does.
  • Also don't forget remove any files you could have put in override folder, they could use an old version of a file changed with Awakening.
  • I saw sometimes there's also the advice to disable DLC (Warden Keep, Collector, Blood Armor) before to play Awakening. If you do that I advice you first to sell all items of those DLC and save in DAO a game like that.
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