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April 20th, 2010, 06:35
Yeah, for the time involved in getting 1-4, it's probably a bargain.

Heck, I ran a new cleric up today to 5.

4-5, in a day: Run Bonebite's New Leader twice, Water Works series twice, Garrison's Pack (for Furor's Hide, but still), Durk's (for another Muckbane), and run around the Cerulean Hills, killing rares, finding explorers, and causing havoc. Cannith Crystal for Spearbane Bracers, and type /death to return to the Grotto for the Ring of Waterbreathing. This is actually how I did my FvS and Monk up to 5 as well. Except my monk ran Durks several times, and got more than 1 muckbane. And both lack the ring.

I also ran into the Necropolis with my Paladin. Thus far, I'm less than enthused. The dungeons are long and rather boring affairs. Loot is not bad, and neither is experience. But it's long, straight halls intersecting long, straight halls. Danger is low; I shrined once because my detect secret doors clickie was out. Never was in any real danger.
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