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April 20th, 2010, 21:37
I'll agree with the samey feeling after visiting most "dungeon" locales. While the outdoor areas and the various cities all look different and have their own flavor, the dungeons were kinda disappointing. I understand why this was; the lack of a never-ending supply of artists and time. It still is kinda reality killing when you realize that one Ayleid ruin is nearly identical to all the others. Another weakness is the fact that the Ayleid ruins in particular didn't even remotely resemble a place that could have been lived in. Imperial Forts make sense when they mostly look the same. I always hoped a mod would improve the forts by making some of them manned. Especially if you're on the main quest. It'd be cool to be hired by the council to clear abandoned forts out for Imperial re-occupation. You could have a few Imperial companions to assist in the endeavor.
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