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April 23rd, 2010, 16:45
I will bring my level 4 paladin (KarlPeter Aspenstein) to the session. So please invite him to the guild. He's a two-weapon paladin with 8 wisdom so he won't be healing much. I guess that means Azraelck kan bring his new cleric to the session so we have a healer. My paladin will become level 5 during this weekend so he will be on par with your characters.

I chose to make a two-weapon paladin because long term this is going to be the best DPS paladin. My other paladin is a shield and longsword paladin and can do tank jobs. He will have an excellent AC. That is fine for low and mid level, but he will become inadequate for high level. The two-weapon paladin have a DPS at the same as a fighter if the correct feats are chosen.

I even made my bank so I can trade between my characters and give to you items I don't need. E. g. I have a flaming shortbow for Joe's rogue and handwraps of maiming for her monk.

Update: My paladin just turned level 5 so he will have the same level as the rest of you.
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