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April 24th, 2010, 01:34
Yes the game is too short that breaks a lot of thing. The other failure is the level difficulty, too low for players who have finished DAO.

But on another points I enjoyed some points quite more than in DAO:
  • I admit DAO deep and long dialogs with companions can increase interest in the game if you bother take care and dig this. But it's a game design I don't like at all because the merging with the gemaplay is awful, like a second game you get in parallel. Not have them anymore was a good point for me.
  • DAO has some dungeons (probably not all) that are bellow the average quality, repetitive graphics, almost only fights in some, puppets companions, exploration that lets a taste of linearity. DAA improved a lot this point, no more graphics repetition, high level of story stuff merged to the action, companions that are much more living in dungeons and area you explored, some area are fun to explore and enough well done to break partially a feeling of linearity, I also enjoyed the well done and intensive use of heights making them much more 3D.
There's a third deep gameplay change with DAA, the intensity of story evolution. In DAO you have much more pauses, also many dungeon are mainly some exploration with series of (fun) fights this letting you breeze and take your time. In DAA there's no pause, many events catch you and don't let you the time, you have a lot of responsibilities and need fulfill them in hurry, even dungeons with a high density of story stuff ends in not letting much pauses.

I enjoyed the density involved in DAA but I clearly prefer a more cool approach like DAO does on this point.

That said, DAA is short enough to damage its more global game design quality.
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