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April 24th, 2010, 13:13
Hey there Merc' - nice to see you again, hope life is being good to you - best regards and a big thankyou for your participation back then.

Yes, it was extremely difficult to discuss at the time, we came to a dead-end. After we disbanded i learned much on the subject, the reasoning and the methodology…and the way to enable the quest! - the solution is somewhat very simple yet infinitely delicate, it is balanced on a knife-edge, one wrong move or wrong word and its gone without knowing - beautiful- no other game in the world of gaming can come even close to G1 because of this, a major game that has 'deceived' everyone - all that is needed now is to play the game one more time - it would be a totally engrossing experience - the ultimate gaming climax - though i could it would require absolute and total mind bending concentration, more than ever before.
What a wasted opportunity Forsaken gods was, a logical and reasonable tack would have been for Jowood/Spellbound to hire PB to develop FG on a sub-commission basis. At least the fan following would have been satisfied and coherently primed for Arcania:G4, the best outcome for all gamers?
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