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April 24th, 2010, 14:41
It's quite a bit of work planning your character. You need to learn about the enhancements, feats, gear etc. to have a solid plan for the build. If you don't do it then you end up with a mediocre character. So I've studied the cleric and paladin classes and know pretty well what to do there. I just didn't have the energy to learn the same about a completely new class.

My new paladin is very different from the old one. My old paladin is a tank type with focus upon maximizing the AC and be a secondary healer. So he has decent wisdom, but not a lot of strength. My new paladin is a two-weapon character who does a lot of damage, but can't cast spells yet. He needs good wisdom gear to get to wis 14 so he can cast level 4 spells. That will happen maybe at level 10-12. The good thing about this is that I now have 2 paladins I can choose from. If we need a damage dealer then I select my new paladin. If we need a tank who can hold the monsters while the spellcasters, archers and fighters kill them then my first paladin is great. I don't see many cleric builds so I think having one cleric is best. I can make a battle cleric, but then I prefer a paladin. So I'm playing a healing bot. I think a healing cleric is the most popular character type to invite to groups. Many people won't play one, but they love to be with one.
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