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April 24th, 2010, 20:43
Actually, in a level you can get a +2 Tome. By then you should be able to pull a +2 WIS item at least; I pulled one in WW actually. So that'll get you to level 2 spells (which you won't get until level 8 anyway). An item of Wizardry or Power will help with SP if you don't have enough to be effective at casting.

My Paladin's problem stem from the fact that DDO is different enough from 3.5 to mean that you have to build with a different mindset. The enhancements, the focus on HP for survivability (when you could play a 6 CON Wizard in PnP without trouble), and some rule changes made all combine to alter how builds are made.

Thus I started with 11 Wisdom, when I could have safely ignored it, and boosted my CHA. Divine Might is an enhancement that I wasn't aware I'd need, so my CHA was a bit low.

The same thing happened with my original Cleric. I rerolled into a Favored Soul, and then made another Cleric. Experience in DDO has made them far more effective, at least when I don't try zerging into a room full of casters.
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