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April 24th, 2010, 22:21
My biggest problem is that I don't know what kind of monsters we will face in mid or high level quests. So building now for end game quests (raids etc.) doesn't feel right. So I might respec my paladins and cleric when I get to those higher level quests. Now I focus upon building characters that work well for the quests I play now.

My tank paladin is almost never hit in melee, but he doesn't kill monsters very fast, especially on elite. So he's good if he can draw aggro from the fighters. His weakness is that high AC won't help against enemy spellcasters. So he is in trouble if he's the target of spells. He has 3 lay on hands and up to second level spells. That means he can be a support healer and get incapacitated characters back in action again.

My two-weapon paladin is a monster when it comes to dealing damage. He isn't hit much either and that surprised me a bit. This is probably because the fighters get most aggro. This means the paladin is an excellent companion for the front line fighter to get the toughest monsters down, He's equally vulnerable to spellcasters. With no spellcasting at the moment and only 2 lay on hands it means he will mainly do self healing in emergencies.

My cleric is a heal bot and can fight quite well with high AC. But in heavy battles he does better by buffing and healing than fighting. A cleric in the middle of fights won't have time to monitor the situation and quick heal PC's in trouble. The major weakness of this cleric is that despite having lots of mana he loses a lot to buffing and constant healing. So if the rest shrines are far apart he can't be as helpful as people expect.

I enjoy playing all 3 characters and I believe the builds for each of them are workable for low level and at least mid level. I have no experience with high level raiding so I don't how my PC's will perform in them.

I have som PuG experience and I feel that the quality of player style is more important than difference in builds. E. g. I played today the Depths of Discord, Doom, Despair and Darkness. One character Valhella died 2-3 times in each of the dungeons and we played normal, hard and elite (12 times in total). He was a ranger. The rest of us rarely died, except on elite when we had occasional deaths. This character didn't realize that his ranger had to stay behind to shoot at monsters. Instead he tried to get to the chests first and was surrounded by monsters alone until the rest of us caught up. Eventually we didn't bother to look after him. He would choose his own path anyway. Such a player would lower the efficicency of the entire group because we then have 5 players instead of 6 working together to take out the monsters. When we have experienced players in the group I notice how much more effective we are. Traps are rarely a problem because they know how they work and how to get by them. They know when to pull monsters and when to overrun them. So I think a decent character should work well in end game quests if you play in a good group. If you play in a chaos group then even the best character build will fail. You can't solve a quest almost alone on elite. You are dependent upon good companions.
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