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April 25th, 2010, 23:40
Update: My new paladin turned level 7 after I did Assault on Splinterskull in Tangleroot Gorge twice. I almost did it solo on hard, but was killed by second last end boss (witch doctor). He cast hold person and I failed the save. So I did it with a PuG on hard. It was really easy. Finally I got my +2 tome of supremacy so now I have wis 11 (with +1 wis item). I got an item from Splinterskull end loot which gives me +50 spell points. So my paladin now has 107 spell points and can cast level 1 spells. Now I need to get better wis items. Do you have an idea of which quests will give +2 wis or better items? Is it possible to buy wis items? If yes, then where?

I got Power attack as feat on level 6 and now my paladin is doing great damage except against heavily armed mobs. Then I need to turn off power attack. So a TWF paladin build is really interesting.
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