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April 26th, 2010, 10:33
I think most of our characters are level 5 now and that means we won't have problems with a level 7 character. I just have to be careful not to hit level 8. But with 70k XP to the next level it will take awhile. I used +25% XP potions for my play up. That is a significant speed up. Carefully selecting high reward quests is another reason. I also did Delara's tomb twice (normal and hard). I think if we do Delara's Tomb and Assault on Splinterskull we can get lots of XP and get our level 5 characters to level 6 very quickly. I bought a sixpack of XP boost potions so I can give you some. But they only last for 6 hours each so it's best to drink it and be actiive and and not spend lots of time selling stuff. The good thing about the potion is that the time is not running when you're logged off. What this proves is that you can play a character from level 4 to 7 in a weekend without playing too much each day. You just have to use XP boosting gear and select which quests you play.

When we've completed Shan-To-Kor I propose we try Delara's Tomb. I'm sure all of you will hit level 6 after that quest series. We can do it first on normal to learn the layout of the areas. It's a 4 part quest (one called Return to Delara's Tomb). I can get you visitor passes to Delara's if you don't have the quest series. I think it's a level 5 series (at least the beginning). We can also do the Depth of … 4 part series in House Phiarlan. It's rather tough too with large earth elementals etc. Normal is easy and hard quite possible. Elite is maybe too hard for us though. There are several wraiths there where you need ghost touch weapons to hit regularly. Ghostly skeletons are there too and then you need good or holy weapons. You get a bad one from the quest giver so you can at least hit them. Arcane skeletons are there too and rather nasty. I have both ghost touch and the bad holy weapon. I can borrow my good holy weapon from my other paladin. I even had holy handwraps I can lend to anyone needing it.

So I propose I get some XP boosting potions for you and then we play. Do you know how to split a stack of items?
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