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April 26th, 2010, 09:43
We still haven't run most of our Chars through Tangles yet, and many have also not finished Sharn Synd. We have 3 barrel to do which we all bought, plus a lot of freebies for the houses before we need to consider getting Delera, though it might be worth buying while it's cheap. Best value mid level series I saw is Gianthold. Looks HUGE, so I got it on special.

Peter, I just checked and we still have one level 3 char and several level 4 chars in the Guild. We need to get them built up on some of the stuff we know before tackling new higher level quests. Most of us don't PUG like you do, so we're way behind your levels in terms of XP. We might have to consider forming 2 groups; those who want to bring a couple of chars through the quests we already have and those who want to rush on ahead with new stuff. What do others think?
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