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April 26th, 2010, 13:23
The level 3 one hasn't been active for nearly 2 months (Joe's monk). Some are level 4, but those are extra characters for some of you. Many of them haven't been used for weeks. I guess it's easier to solo the level 4 characters to higher levels or play them with guild members on other dates than the Friday night session.

If people should spread their game time on all their characters then they won't have much progress level wise. I think it's good to have 2 main characters we use for guild play and select one of them dependent upon which others who show up.

All characters who have played the last few sessions have been level 5 or 6. I agree that we might have to split in several groups if we get more than 6 players at the same time showing up. Then we can have 3 players for level 6-7 quests and the others for the low level quests.

I did Sharn Syndicate solo with my new paladin. We've done it before in the group. In Tangleroot you only have Assault on Splinterskull as the main quest. The others are exploration quests. I don't mind doing this one again on hard or elite with the group. It has excellent loot. So that's fine with me.

I was in 3 Barrel Cove with my first paladin some months ago and didn't feel this area was very enjoyable. Maybe because I was too low level for doing anything useful except attacking wandering monsters.

If you look at the guild members you see we have many characters there, but most of them haven't been active for quite awhile. So I think we need to look at the active characters and then the lowest are level 5 and the others level 6, 7, and 8. When we have level 5 characters I don't think we need to play level 3 quests forever. It's time to move on to level 5 quests. I think that if that you need to bring up level 4 extra characters to level 5 or 6 it's easy to play the level 3 quests solo.

I think we need to define a purpose with our guild play. Do we want to create as many characters as possible and split between them quite often, thus replaying the same kind of quests many times? Or do we want to have 1-2 characters we use regularly, thus advancing faster so we can try new quests? I'm in favour of the latter because it's not that fun to repeat the low level quests all the time.

I think that the average guild level is now 5. So we can easily support level 5-7 characters in quests without losing XP. I guess we will get to level 6 soon if we stick with the same characters. Which quests do you want to do after Shan-To-Kor? Do you want to repeat Assault on Splinterskull and Tangleroot Gorge? Or do you wan to do Sharn Syndicate? Or Three Barrel Cove? One good thing about Sharn is that we get favor to get the extra inventory page. Since I've played it on normal we can play it on hard next time. That gives us double favor per quest
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