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April 26th, 2010, 22:52
3 Barrel's problem is that it's huge. It can take awhile just to get to a quest area. I ran it with my Paladin as well.

I'm up for Sharn as well. Haven't ran much of it on my Cleric, my Paladin got stuck with trying to keep people alive on Bookbinder. They keep dying before I get to them.

I went THF simply to save build points and feats. You'll pull ahead on damage later, assuming you get decent equipment.

For effective CC, I want Heighten. I also want Toughness to help compensate for the 12 Con. I want Extend for the buffs, and Quicken for emergency healing.

To get Warchanter, I have to have Power Attack and Weapon Focus: whatever. That leaves me all of one feat to spare (probably Improved Critical is what I'll take). While I could take TWF, it would cause me to not get Warchanter until level 12.

I would also not get the full benefit of the TWF tree, since I don't think Bard's get the BAB to get all three feats. And finally even dualing rapiers or other light weapons, I'd take a hit to attack bonus. I like missing on a 1 only. And last but not least, I like quarterstaffs, as I train with them in real life. So I'll always have a spot for them, even if they're not as effective as other options.
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