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April 27th, 2010, 01:57
I made another character, Rolf Peter Manstein. He's a level 4 cleric and will probably be level 5 before the weekend. He's different from my other cleric, Peter Policus. He's more min/max and will be better with offensive spells later (several feats and enhancements for divine penetration). Charisma is low so he won't use turn undead a lot. I only choose divine vitality to give other spellcasters some spellpoints. Then I get some use for my turn undead ability.

He started at 16-8-14-8-18-8. So wisdom is maxed out and he will get +5 wisdom from ability increases, +2 from tome and the rest from equipment.

My paladin will complete Shan-To-Kor. Then I guess my cleric will do low level playing while my other 3 can do the more mid level playing. One good thing about making extra PC's is that they inherit good items from the others. So my cleric started with +3 full plate, +2 strength from bracers of ogre power etc. Did all level 2 quests in the harbor and got about 10k XP. Will do the level 3 quests in southern harbor before going to the marketplace. Hope to be level 5 by then. Leveling is faster with the XP potions.
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