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April 27th, 2010, 02:31
So are we running two Clerics now, or will you be taking full time healing duties up again? I have my Monk at level 5, so I can run her instead, giving us another fighter. Or I can bring in a Bard or Wizard, whatever.

If Phurry and CM's Fighter are in after we clear StK, Ill probably bring my Bard, just for something different. Two Clerics might be overkill as far as healing and casting goes.

Irestone Inlet actually gives some good stuff too, but it's rough to run solo. I've ran it a few times. I also like to wander Cerulean Hills and get the explorer. With luck you can get 3-4k without touching the quests. Slayer is actually pretty low as well, so it's possible to complete with a few runs, unlike most of them.

I can see a LG Favored Soul in Peter's future. Does that count as variety Corwin?
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