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April 27th, 2010, 06:02
Actually, it's good that we have a good combination of characters. Prevents anyone from being forced into a role, or pushed into roles where they're less comfortable; at the same time as ensuring that we can fill gaps as needed and have different experiences with the same content.

With Peter pulling in with a new Cleric, I can feel free to change characters whenever we're not in the middle of a series from time to time. I like having the ability to heal, but I've never been one comfortable with the role of primary healer. I can do it, when I remember that I can't rush in and bash things in quite as well, and get knocked on my rear. That doesn't mean I'm comfortable with the role.

As I've mentioned before, Druids are my preferred DnD Class. I'd keep a few healing spells memorized for emergencies, but my main focus was damage spells and crowd control. Clerics could handle main healing, I was there to kill!

We had an interesting combination tonight. Cleric, Bard, and Rogue. The only thing is that I'm kinda unhappy with how Charm is working out. Even with 19cha, it seems to be failing far too much. Hypnotize remains the best spell I have. Going to swap it out for something else.

Another thing is my forgetting about my Blur, Inspire Courage, and Focusing Chant. 20% miss chance, +3 attack, +2 damage is a lot to miss out on.
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