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April 27th, 2010, 10:44
I have the feeling the main role of our characters seems to be:
Corwin: Spellcaster
Joe: Rogue
CM: Fighter
Azraelck: Melee (paladin or monk)
Me: Cleric

With this setup we have exactly the group I described above. It seems T will use her rogue in the group and that means we can cover that role with more people and that's good.

I agree with Azraelcks that we should play characters we're comfortable with and by looking at the list of guild characters I think we have enough variety so we don't have to force e. g. me to play a rogue. I tried it once in NWN and it was not a fun time for any of us. My rogue forgot he wasn't a paladin so he got hit often in melee battles he initiated. He also forgot he wasn't a cleric who could heal. So he was hurt so often he had to shout for the cleric or drink potions. He retired when he realized he was addicted to healing potions. His friends told him to rely upon stealth and not join the battles except for backstabs, but he never listened.
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