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April 29th, 2010, 16:21
I personally thought it was a myth back then, and still do, on par with the "swamp witch".

I'm probably around 50ish playthroughs of G1 (give or take a few), and while that's certainly no record, it should be enough to at least give me an indication that there's something hidden present.

Similar to the 12 vs 13 mage discussion we had long ago. As far as I'm concerned, they made a simple counting error by including Milton as the 6th fire magician in the camp, and then wrote him in as a criminal that actually joined Corristo after the barrier was created. There were only 12 making the barrier, not 13 the way Saturas and the intro refers to it. Bottom line: There is no 13th magician.

Regarding FG - I still haven't played it. The Gothic series ended with G3 to me, which I've always considered a great game.
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