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May 1st, 2010, 09:32
I wouldn't want to go back vanilla after i've tried alternative a.i and balance. Improvements are huge and the game feels much more rewarding when you can't simply start liberating towns right from the start. The experience is quite similar to gothic 1 where you start as a weakling. In vanilla game an experienced player could have easily liberated cape dunn at level 10 or something, with alternative balancing and a.i enabled you would have to be atleast level 25. You also have to wear decent armour and gear to be successfull. And cape dunn doesn't even have any shaman presence. There are only handfull of regular orc warriors (only 2 elites) and you have quite much help, yet it is a real challenge as it is supposed to be :-). In order to liberate towns successfully you need to make every strike count. So you have to built decent strengh and master your fighting skill, you need increase your health and stamina etc. This all forces you to explore the world and the progression feels more natural.

In vanilla (pre 1.7x) blocking is meaningless because you can win every fight just random clicking. Community patches bring more realism to combat and they increase immersion as a whole. Not only this but actual bug fixes are numerious and increased performance is not something you can overlook.
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