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May 1st, 2010, 14:00
Game manuals can be done o that they are a joy to read - especially when everything is written like a short story, or presented from the view of an inhabitant of the gme's world.

Humour is also a strong point.

But there are imho 2 points o notice :

1. There must be people who are capable to describe not only the mere technical layout and concepts lying behind the the game, but also to present them in a fashion that makes them readable - and even more : enjoyable.

It is relatively easy for a programmer to write everything down so that a programmer can understand what he or she means - but veryone else just fails. Linux s such a case, I have too often shaken my head over the far too technical language of man-pages and whatnot.

Which creasted in me the belief that Linux isn't wanted by the "technies" to "arrive at the desktop". If I wanted to create a conspiracy theory, then I'd say they don't want it at all. They are making everything around (espciall the core of) Linux so that they explicitely hinder the mass of people to understand the whole system, and epecilly what is lying behind it. They just want to keep the core of Linux as a toy for techies, and hey are trying everything they can do to keep it that way - to keep mere users as effectively away from it - away from understanding everything.

3. Gme manuals are considered as nothing but costs. Again, the underlying phiilosophy affects that is hppening. Games are seen as wares, including costs and profits, but not as games. No joy included, sorry.
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