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May 2nd, 2010, 00:25
Charm Person. Even with 20 CHA (18 base, +1 item, +1 enhancement), I would have it fail 9/10 times. Where as Hypnotize would take out 4-5 critters at once, as would Soundburst. So now I'm relying on those two spells to handle CC for me, and grabbed Detect Secret Doors for some added usefulness (at least until I find a DSD clickie to replace it).

I also got a +2 STR belt in the WW, so now my Strength is 18. I average 11-14pts per hit with my staff, and as high as 30 on a crit. When I had left WW, I needed all of 1 xp to level, so I wandered the C hills until I found a rare.
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