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May 2nd, 2010, 09:35
The thing about Summons is that they only last until you get the next level of summons. I'd just use scrolls or wands, rather than waste a spell slot. It's expensive to swap them out, 2500gp for a level 1 spell. Summon Monster II isn't that expensive as a scroll, nor as a wand. Certainly cheaper than 2500gp, to swap Summon I to something else, then another what, 3000? 4000? to swap Summon II, etc…

For Wizards and Clerics, it's fine since you just memorize the next spell level as needed. For Sorcerers and Bards (and Favored Souls), it's just too much money to be swapping spells every few levels. Especially since you're likely to be doing that anyway.

Funny thing, I was goofing off with a random build (I keep an open slot for just that purpose now), and built a rogue/bard hybrid. Seems the rogue gets more useless items to start than any other class. Boots that give a +1 to Tumble when they get the Nimble Hand set, which has a +3 to Tumble; and Leather Armor +1 that's no better than the Black Widow Bracers they get. You literally have the same AC running around wearing the starter rags as the armor.

So you have some 4 slots open for useful items.

I should log on. I can't sleep, since the sirens are going off. I'm under a tornado warning right now, as well as flash flood warning and severe thunderstorm warning. Satellite's out so I'm using Firefox and a radio to monitor the weather.
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