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May 2nd, 2010, 13:09
"On other hand playing with advanced AI can get pretty frustrating at times. Not against humanoids, but against beasts (wolves) Its hard choice"
Exactly! absolutely brilliant, this is what the core concept of G3 is about, utilising the power of the animals - wolves etc' against the orcs and why indeed the animals take precedence. It is what the orcs are afraid of, it is explained in game, in detail, by the druid leaders. If you take Maylanders discussion about killing /non killing of the orc commanders——> (post No.11)


…and "connecting" this with the wolves you can get the vision of what can come together!!!

It was intended from the outset that the killing of orcs, humans etc should be fairly easy or easier than the killing of animals. In G3 vanilla this was the case. The aggressive behavious of boars and wolves etc was purposely meant to be this way. Many times i experimented and found a single white wolf could kill a single orc head to head (and of course NH with the wolf ripper stone as an when required). You would then go on to use this power much later in the game to overwhelm the orcs one by one - the Adanos method, the conceptual core method. So you see this has been completely turned on its head because players complained that the beasts were too powerful and some combat with humans was too easy. The vanilla concept has become somewhat tainted, watered down by the insistence of community patches tampering….indeed, all with good intention.

(certainly, the glitches, bug fixes, memory corrections etc' etc' within the patches are a positive and welcomed improvement)

With all its glitches, patch 1.12 is as near (albeit ammended) to improved vanilla of the concept as possible. Iv'e even contemplated installing pure vanilla G3 to play in a retrospective manner to compare the original and quantify the differences.
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