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May 3rd, 2010, 05:41
Well, I played through the rest of Catacombs… and guess what? Not only did I end up with a hefty repair bill for my new Acid Staff, but I didn't pull the PG Staff as a quest reward. Got some goggles that will go good for my Wizard.

I'm going to try again, with my Monk. I need to anyway, since there are some ghost touch handwraps there I know I'll be needing eventually.

Bounced around character to character today, but didn't do much on any one. I did find a dirty and easy way to deal with the Wraith in Catacombs. Bring a sacrificial victim/hireling.

I solo with my Bard as well, for the most party. PUGs want Clerics and Rogues, not Bards, and even when playing on Fridays I'm usually pulling wither healer or melee duty. Something that Ijii isn't quite capable of yet.

I actually looked into the new Greater Reincarnation that just came out for my Paladin. From what I read, it allows me to respec her as a 32pt build, and repick my feats and skills and stats up to my current level. The only question is whether or not I keep the points from my tomes. Gonna ask eventually, if I don't grab a tome for my Cleric before I think of it.

It's expensive, but since Rachail is the only one of my characters not a 32pt build, it's somewhat needed. I don't want to reroll her though. Especially since I'd have all the somewhat reasonable equipment to find a place for.
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