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May 3rd, 2010, 13:39
Originally Posted by Wulf View Post
Actually i'm playing pure vanilla now (with all of its so-called faults) as many of us did on release.
I had forgotten that Ardea was much harder to liberate and isn't dumbed-down as with patches (many complained about the difficulty) but it feels more authentic (i was killed twice before i realised and changed tactics) - game loading times are faster than all patches - i was very surprised. All of that flickering day/night cycle effect has vanished and the ridiculous queue forming of opponents has gone. The boars are extremely vicious and the wolves are overpowering but i love the gameplay this way as was originally intended. The game looks graphically beautiful as always and is running very smooth.
Later on i intend to experiment and study in detail the "one strike hits" and all of its implications and obviously because of this, advanced AI is completely out of the question, "one strike hits" and advanced AI, now that would be a fiasco worth watching!
I remember beating the hell out of the orcs in Ardea on 1.12. It was much easier than anything else Gothic I had played in the past. I remember being killed by that first scavenger in Gothic 1. In G3 1.12 I was just clicking away at orcs.

Now, I just restarted the game with 1.73 and I got hit unconscious by the orcs three times before I finally started blocking and defending myself.

I remember playing on 1.12 and going to Cape Dun and clicking away at the arena with almost no points spend on strength or anything else and beating all of them with ease, while now, I cannot yet beat the first opponent.
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