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May 7th, 2010, 17:31
Ice lance is great for stunning foes. I use it when fighting groups with multiple shamans, stun a few and whack the remaining ones. Bloodlust can be used for cheesy resolution of some quests (with some patience you can make non-hostile NPCs murder each other). Heal other is useful for some quests.

Originally Posted by Pladio View Post
How good is the open locks spell ?
What locks does it or doesn't it open ?
EDIT: Reading the thread I notice that you have a few levels under your belt already. If you have enough AK to buy the spell, by all means get it rather than spending points on thievery!

Original posts
It opens all locks, but usually it isnt a worthwhile investment.

First of all you'll get it fairlyy late in the game. You will encounter expert (or whatever the second level chests are called) quite early, and it is easier to just spend a few points in thieving to get that level of lockpicking. Chests that cant be opened with that level of lockpicking are rarer than open locks scrolls (making the highest level of lockpicking pointless even to dedicated thieves).

Caveat: My experience is with 1.6 and earlier, but should still hold unless the late community patches changed loot and chests.
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