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May 7th, 2010, 23:27
I wonder why he isnīt trying something more different with his games. I mean: he made three diablo clones in a row. With a little twist though, but just how many more of those games the world needs? I dont like diablo clones so i could not enjoy any of his games til now. Always waiting for the next one.
Why not make a turn based rpg the next time? Is it to risky in terms of user acceptance?
I would really love to play a soldak game with the typical good graphics and little gameplay twists, but just with turn based combat, or at least something drastically different (i guess it boils down to the combat).

Also having just played the demo of Dins Curse, the interface / interaction could be a little bit more user friendly. The font with all the different sizes is strange. And when i point at a monster the info (HP, Name) is at the top right of the screen, while text messages are in the center of the screen. Shouldnīt it be the opposite? It is all a bit rough and chaotic. (as my english is, so i stop here.)
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