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May 8th, 2010, 00:14
Originally Posted by vidder View Post
I wonder why he isnīt trying something more different with his games. I mean: he made three diablo clones in a row. With a little twist though, but just how many more of those games the world needs? I dont like diablo clones so i could not enjoy any of his games til now. Always waiting for the next one.
Why not make a turn based rpg the next time? Is it to risky in terms of user acceptance?
Perhaps because some people like ARPGs? Isn't this question a bit like asking why do they keep making Wargames, FPS games, RTS, RPGs when there are so many already? How many games does the world need?

Just because a game isn't your preferred style doesn't mean it's not someone else's. Turn-based RPGs are likely a smaller niche then even ARPGs, which is what I call the games as opposed to Diablo-clone, which is the way a lot of people who dislike ARPGs prefer to call them.

There are a lot of developers who focus on one genre of games. I don't personally play many FPS games, but I don't criticize Valve for continuing to make them either.
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