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May 8th, 2010, 13:23
Originally Posted by fantasta View Post
The trouble with firewalls is that they can continue running even when they seem to be disabled,and they can shut down some ports. Check this little application,EnumProcess :
Sometimes anti-virus software may interfere as well. Some people had to uninstall their anti-virus/firewall applications for the time of installing the patch.
One more thing which may be useful: use an administrator account to install the patch. When I was installing from a limited user account, UAC dialog appeared, I typed in the administrator password, and, after some time, the patch didn't finish the install, it just hung. When I switched to the administrator account, everything went smoothly.
You were right, I had to completely uninstall Comodo and it worked fine. I would not have thought to check that if you hadn't mentioned it so thank you very much. There's me turning Comodo off whenever I play a game thinking I was freeing up system resources but I apparently was doing jack all.

I installed 1.5 successfully also so now I have which I believe is the current version.

My next problem is I ran the director's cut patch and I still don't have boobies.

I established that I had the US version by downloading Rad Video and running the cs_sex_adda1.bik movie to show a sex card who is clothed in the US version but bare breasted in the international/director's cut version.

I downloaded the directorscutpatch.exe and ran it from the game folder. It did it's thing and seemed to finish successfully. But I checked the adda movie again but her sex card still shows her breasts covered.

Would you happen to know what I can do about that?

And also, would anyone know a good firewall that you can shut off, and when it's off it's off?

Many thanks.
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