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May 8th, 2010, 22:00
More weird cultural experiences: we went to see a Kun opera -- that's Chinese opera from the 17th century, painstakingly reconstructed. It seems the piece originally had 64 acts and took about three days to perform, but this one had been cut down to about two and a half hours.

It was worth it… but very, very Chinese, and rather opaque to someone who's not hip to the style. The story was a bit out-there; it was a romantic comedy about a love affair between two women. I kinda lost track of the plot at some point, but it clearly ended well, although I'm not quite sure what the deal was -- did Mrs. Fan's husband take on Ms. Cao as a concubine, or did Ms. Cao's father adopt Mrs. Fan, and if so, what happened to Mrs. Fan's husband, who, I thought I understood, just changed his name and re-took the imperial examinations with highest honors? And what was the deal between the judge, the examiner, and the bumbling bureaucrat who had the fistfight in front of the courthouse with Mr. Fan? Confusing.
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