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May 9th, 2010, 21:26
Brutal Legend - open world classic heavy metal fantasy heaven. I love this game and am almost ready to claim my 360 purchase is validated by it's mighty presence alone.

Probably not for everyone, but for me, to be able to cruise around an open world listening to classic metal while gunning dudes down, watching my metal minons at war w/ the enemy (or fighting alongside them), is just fun as hell. Then, i can tame the beasts of the land and ride around on one of them, and now even summon animals to cruise around and fight w/ me. Guitar solo abilities like the " facemelter" literally do just that, and are insta- kills on packs of foes. While listening to metal.
Great game, kind of a cross between Sacrifice and … Something. I dunno, but if you have a 360 and like classic metal, sammy wholeheartedly recommends this one
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