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May 10th, 2010, 13:18
I love m&b but totally hate warband , archery sucks ( arrows do not fire from your bow and do not go where your bow points lol ), spears are terrible ( spine breaking movement only and you can not front / side stab as in original) , swords are swinging the way Bjon Borg used to serve and have minimum reach.

Also the stupid points of original are not fixed

*Archers running out of arrows ..wtf i wanna play an archer
*Horses can get killed , so very realistic but i want to play a MOUNTED archer , having MOUNTED troops and fight against MOUNTED enemies , killable horses are pretty much concept defeating
*Horses are having way too much power in charging troops, remember it is a horse not an elephant , even a charger is like twice the size of a man , terrorising a shield wall is stupid and unnatural
*Cities have way too little money .
*Loot is crap , even compared to original is terrible , i kill 20 riders in uniforms i expect to loot 20 uniforms .
*Lords / companion relations are just terrible
*I so love to when i need 20.000.000 experience points to add +1 skill , not
*Battle AI is terrible , soldiers are not doing what i command .
*You have to train your troops while lords are receiving trained reinforcements , this is outrageous AI cheating
*Inventory even when maxed is inadequate , can you imagine Temujin marching into India with only 50 slots for food?

i can go on
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