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May 12th, 2010, 02:05
Not doing the destroy the universe thing. But the storyline for the Frayed Knights does have them kind of bungling and arguing and lucking out their way to victory where other adventuring groups would (and have) failed. And stumbling into a larger plot. But the first act their goal is really pretty small - to try and get into the Adventurer's Guild. The story gets a bit bigger and of greater potential world-wide (or at least kingdom-wide) impact in later acts, but it's … complicated.

Seriously - I do like those smaller goals, too. Sometimes saving an entire world is —- too big. I thought just focusing on recovering an ancient city in Pool of Radiance, or just monkeying with vampire politics in Bloodlines, somehow felt more real and tangible to me.

But uh… the Frayed Knights do not destroy the universe at this time.
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