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May 14th, 2010, 15:18
I used the pause a lot too and don't remember any other similar game working like that with pause.

I used it a lot but totally merged to the action and that's what no other game allowed to me, there's a slippery of movements making the whole working rather well.

Here an "example" with a long range attack: Move, pause, aim and target, unpause, and your movement continue itself because of a slippery system. Ie I constantly pause for a very short time to aim any target. It's the only game like that where I never used the "shift" key to shoot without moving.

EDIT: One use of many quick short pause is aiming but there's another, it's to mix movements and do something else at same time. The point is that for many skills/spells/attacks if you trigger them during movement, you movement order stop but the movement continue with a relatively long slipping. With many short pauses you can exploit it a lot to constantly move and do something else. Beside long range attack I used it a lot for enter stealth mode, but there's many other utility of exploiting quick pauses and slipping system.
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