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May 15th, 2010, 10:25
Eschalon Book I was a first design (I believe), I'm waiting the Mac version to play Book II. Secondly when you dig the fights in Book I they show qualities, it had to because fights are an important part of the game and Book I is a very good game.

Anyway I'm fully for party based but fights turn based with one character can be a lot better. You just need try some Roguelike as ADOM or Shiren the wanderer to know it.

I also think that some of the best fights idea of Diablo like games could be reused in a turn based game, that includes Din's curse and Torchlight. Pets is also a possible key element to explore in single character turn based, ADOM shows some good points even if pets end to be a burden, the same for companions in Shiren. I also think that single character turn based hasn't been explored as thoroughly than party turn based and there's perhaps more to do.

The key point of single character in turn based is to be more light than with a party, less controls, fights less long, more mobile than a party during fights, less enemies (4 vs 1 is something else than 4 vs 4), exploration mode more natural, less inventories to manage. I don't throw my vote to solo turn based, party brings a lot of plus with RPG, I just mean that single character in turn based has qualities party design doesn't have and that it's probably a design not explored enough out of the very special context of Roguelike games.
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