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May 15th, 2010, 11:34
Your quote about fights and puzzles, I could have made it for DAO, and for more than one fight. But it's perhaps because I never build a very efficient party, or I hadn't been smart enough to fly through the fights.

About the interview, I suppose it's:

Well not everything clear (for me) in this interview. Anyway more than puzzles I note the quote about dungeons, here at least a CRPG designer that understand how good could be dungeons with modern games (still expecting a remake/redo with a similar setup than Avernum and with modern technology). I also notice that the few snapshots show a deeper landscape/area design than unimaginative copy/paste from reality.

For the Gear of Wars, I don't know anything about the game, and wonder what's so special in it, it seems like a common shooter for me, coop element?

About the section on how old game put the challenge very high, I think there's a misunderstanding here. The first point is that in old time plenty players never finished most games they played. The second point is that there wasn't Internet nor a vast amount of other games available in few clicks.

Internet is the temptation players hadn't, you get stuck 1 hour on a puzzle and don't see where you are going? Well few clicks to get the solution and see more of the game, and the game get rip of from a part that took time to design and build.

Internet put at your disposal ton of games available in few clicks, plus most players have ton of games ready to play. They are the temptation to switch to another game when you get stuck by one.

I understand that solve the puzzles won't be mandatory, it could not be enough. Perhaps some idea to manage more puzzles in CRPG could be inspired by design elements of the Professor Layton series.
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