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May 16th, 2010, 10:11
Just finished DAO: Awakening.

I have to say I liked this a lot more than Origins. There was no stupid romance, no horribly long and tedious dungeons. I liked most of NPCs. I was particulary fond of Nathiel. I really liked how that NPC developed over time. Anders was funny and I liked Justice character too. I disliked 2 female NPCs. Valena irritated me to no ends and Sigrun didn't really stand out.

One thing that was extremely disappointing was that they didn't really explain things well enough. I mean, yeah you can guess that Utha liked Archtect philosophy on *breaking cycle* and stop the blight, but why can't she talk and why is she diseased? Why did Siranni (velana's sister) join Archtect and where the hell did she go? Why did Archtect create The Mother and if he created her, why does he fear her so? She's just a one of many Broodmothers. What does he mean *his most flawed creation*? How did he create her? He can't say he *created* her if all he's done is simply freeing her just like rest of the darkspawns. He was conducting experiments on people in his lair. Why is he doing that? He already know how to *free* darkspawns. Too many things were unexplained and I found myself extremely disappointed with it.
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