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May 16th, 2010, 22:40
Hello, i'm kinda new to this forum (even tho i read many many things here that helped me) and i thought its better to register after all. Anyway, here is my problem (i searched about this on the forum but couldn't find what i was looking for) :
~I'm still not decided what faction to support (rebels/hashishins/orcs) but i want access to Ishtar to get the mastery of two-wielding.
I screwed with the factions a little (ie: i killed the underground rebels but i think i'll liberate the orc cities) but i like the idea to "be-friend with everybody then suddenly, strike!" like the russian roulette . Back to my question.. Is there any way to get 75% rep with Hashishins but WITHOUT killing any of the Water Mages?(i'm sure i'm not the only one feeling bad about killing our good friends from G1&G2). I don't care about the Nomads themselves.. and i know that the water mages are with the Nomads~

I have a second question (maybe more will come):
"One of the hashishins in Lago, finally told me that Vatras is the prisoner. I have 75% rep on Lago but Fabio(leader) won't give me the key for the prison(no dialogue). I've tried to put the guards nearby on sleep & and kill him at night but it doesn't work and the liberation start. Is there anyway to get that key? w/o cheating ofc."]

Thanks to all in advance!
Sorry if my english is not so good…
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