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May 17th, 2010, 14:44
My highest level cleric Rolf Peter Manstein participated in his first raid (Tempest Spine on elite in House Jorasco). It was very challenging fighting fire giants, beholders and worse monsters, but he did well and was recommended after the raid. I mainly took care of heals and some buffs and stayed out of most battles. We had some deaths, but with raise dead we got them back to life. The raid is level 11 (probably one of the easiest ones). The loot was quite good and I now have some nice items to share with you. XP was good too and I earned about 20k from the raid.

I played some other quests too and got my cleric up to level 11. Now he has blade barrier (a level 6 cleric spell). This spell is awesome and works like fire wall for the wizard. A fire wall is a must for the wizard (I have 2 scrolls to share with Corwin's character so he can inscribe it).

Blade barrier makes a circle around the cleric for 1d6 damage per level (max 15). Reflex save halves the damage. I use the maximize feat so I inflict 6 * 11 = 66 damage (33 if save) each time a monster crosses the barrier. It's up long enough to last the entire fight. This means that people who get hurt can move into the barrier to make the monsters take serious damage when they follow. The cleric can cast his spells almost without getting aggro due to the barrier.

I also use the spell with heightened and quickened so it can't be stopped and the saving is harder. The major weakness of blade barrier is that it takes a long time to cast, but with quickened feat it's ok. With quickened the spell can't be interrupted.

Fire wall is a level 4 wizard spell and is good too. It does 2d6 damage + 1 per level to monsters crossing the wall and 2d4 damage to monsters close to the wall. Undead takes double damage. The wall is good to place in a corridor or a corner of a room so the monsters must cross it to get to the PC's. Fire wall also benefits from maximize and other spell feats.
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