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May 18th, 2010, 14:39
Originally Posted by DArtagnan View Post
Yeah, the setting wasn't too inspiring.

But I think it could have worked, if they hadn't ignored the story almost completely - and if they'd worked on better presentation. Full speech and somewhat plausible NPCs would have worked wonders.

Naturally, the disastrous launch made it all but impossible to recover, but the game at the core is truly brilliant for what it is.
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Another problem with the game was that they had this great setting (although visually it didnt work quite well) Potential for great story. But instead it seems they fired all the writers and just went with some kind of insider humor quest. Result was that all the game felt out of place and really incoherent.

But here is what i think…

Let say somebody buys right to Hellgate engine. Now they remake the game to a very simple but engaging fantasy setting - not unlike Diablo.

This time make good story and quests. And really work on visual side of random world.

Make multiplayer free of charge , not like subscription HGL tried before (to its doom)

Finally make the game unforgiving hard like Demon Souls.

This my friend would be epic , genre changing game.
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