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May 18th, 2010, 19:52
Originally Posted by Michael Dean View Post
How big was the studio? I was under the impression the entire studio was pretty much just a skeleton crew. Selling out for that price, therefore, may not have been such a bad idea for them as individuals. Figure the top couple of guys got $1M+ and the rest of the crew got some nice six-figure severance payouts, and in this day and age we can call that as much of a success as anything else out there. Why wait until you've put all your heart and a huge chunk of your career into a studio just to have it milked and ridden to death by the corp that eventually gets more and more involved with your daily decisions, while understanding your studio less and less. Take the money and start something newer and better and keep it running lean. Or, just retire and live the rest of your life like a Corona commercial (the one with the blonde.)

The answer is no.

I work in what is called "Startup" company. These high tech companies work with small teams (we started 6 people) and they work until they are purchased by big company. It is not unusual to be purchased for 20 million , or even much much more. We were offered 11 million , but refused. (and by we i mean my bosses..heh)

Torchlight and Runic is much bigger "thing" than the app we are developing. So I think that 8 million is really not that much money for buyout.
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