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May 19th, 2010, 11:06
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Rep with Hashishin:
I very much doubt you're going to get access to Ishtar without killing any water magicians. In fact, you have to complete almost every major Hashishin questline to get that 75%. To get such rep, you basically need to "complete cities" by getting high enough reputation to speak to whoever leads the city, and then complete his/her quest.

Like I said, I doubt it's possible to do it without killing any water magicians, but you could always try by doing the quests for every other major Hashishin leader (except the guy that gives you the water magician quest).

I don't remember Lago, but I seem to recall getting the key if I was supposed to kill Vatras (by being on the kill quest). Other than that, I think killing Fabio is the only option (it might be the only option regardless, I honestly don't remember).
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