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May 19th, 2010, 12:30
Originally Posted by holeraw View Post
True - the big difference is that NWN2 didn't "work" so well - ie it's problems were functional not merely aesthetic. (Bad graphics and animation can be functional problems if you don't get proper feedback of what is going on - the fist-fighting in the Witcher comes to mind) As long this is about aesthetics or the 'amount of corners' in the models I have no problem with it.
Again, I would have to see the game in action before knowing for sure.

So far, Obsidian have failed to impress me in terms of both technical competence, and artistic/aesthetic skill. They remind me of Troika in this way, except Troika were better game designers overall.

I think NWN2 looked - at best - mediocre and performed horribly all things considered. I won't even get into the crappy interface and controls.

In my mind, without having actually studied the game in detail - Alpha Protocol strikes me as a game that needs to look good and feel "tight", sort of like Splinter Cell.

If it's technically "half-assed" like most of Obsidian's work, I think it will be hurt.

Will it be a bad game? No, I don't think so at all - but it won't be QUITE what it should have been.

Still, I really like Obsidian's approach to design and mechanics - and they're pretty much the last non-indie developer left to cater to old-schoolers, even if I doubt they're going to keep that up for much longer.




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