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May 19th, 2010, 17:12
Originally Posted by Maylander View Post
You seem to be confusing the job of a programmer with the job of a 3D designer/artist. Whether or not a game runs smoothly is primarily up to programmers. Whether or not facial animations are good or not depends on the 3D designers/artists (also on the engine, but talented artists can work wonders even with mediocre engines).

Technical skills will never change whether or not a game looks good, but it will change whether or not it feels buggy or runs smoothly.
Ehm, no - there's a reason I include both things - because NWN2 neither looks very good nor runs well.

They don't seem to have great artists OR coders. Decent, sure, but not at the level required for a smooth great looking game, obviously.

That said, we're dealing with professional people with experience - and I'm not trying to make them out to be bad. They're simply not at the top of their game.

Naturally, big projects and bad planning might be a big factor as well - but there's no way to "explain away" the quality of modelling and animation, nor the state of NWN2 even after years of patching.

It's playable, sure, but optimised? Hardly.

NWN2 has quite a few bugs and technical issues, the result of not enough time to even it out because there is such a massive load for the programmers to do when working on a project that big.
You have no idea what reason there is for the poor optimization. We can but guess, and my guess is that beyond the project being very big - their coders aren't at the same level as would be required for an optimised engine. NWN2 at release was horrible, and THAT was probably the result of not enough time. After a few patches, the game became OK - because they had the time to polish it up to a certain playable level.

PS. Don't kid yourself with the whole "D&D 3" implementation you claim BioWare did for Obisidan. Obsidian no doubt had to start from scratch, due to an upgraded ruleset and overall different mechanics. Their game is no doubt structured differently than the original NWN, so you can't "copy/paste" massive chunks of code between the two and make it work - that'd be more work than just re-writing it.
Haha, start from scratch to upgrade rule implementation from 3.0 to 3.5?

Let's get real, please.

Sure, lots of work entailed - but the groundwork was laid.




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