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May 19th, 2010, 18:47
For me, it tends to be those games that are memorable for whatever reason. Of course, I definitely like polished games, and I felt the NWN2 campaign was pretty bad overall.

But I'll take a game that pushes the envelope a bit in gameplay, writing or story any day of the week than a polished game that I felt I've played a a lot of times before. Bioware's games tend to fall in the latter category for me (though I did like Dragon Age a lot and found ME2 to be a lot better than the first one)

Troika's games proved this to me. Obsidian isn't at that level for me (except Mask of the Betrayer so far) but I think they have the potential to deliver really interesting games that do things a bit differently.

Anyways, I don't think Alpha Protocol will turn around OEIs reputation on unpolished games, definitely not. And those things (since they're easily noticeable for anyone) will be brought out in reviews and hurt the scores. Unfortunately, I think there are very few reviewers who will take the time to analyze the game enough to bring out the truly interesting points and strengths of the game.

That said, 88 is a great score.
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