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May 19th, 2010, 22:35
Wait till night-time, draw weapon near Fabio, wait until he attacks, put weapon away, run away but keep within detect distance, lure him into the desert toward pack of jackals, wait at safe distance untill jackals have killed Fabio, when they have gone loot key from Fabio.
You need to kill Shakyor for the lion stone and access to Ishtar. Lure Fabio using method described but toward Shakyor, Fabio will kill Shakyor and lion with ease….then have Fabio killed, do the same with the orc etc' - this way will leave no consequences attributed to NH. Lago can be totally liberated this way.
Other killing will have to be done by this stealth method to gain access to Ishtar, eg: Rhobar etc' - the watermages need not be killed as they are Aligned to Adanos as with the nomads.
Throughout the game there are beasts/monsters available at strategic points where quest completion is required with *no* negative consequences to NH, use them to advantage!
There is 100% hashishin reputation that can be gained, not killing watermages leaves 75% - the exact amount for Ishtar access, it isn't difficult.

Good luck.
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