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May 20th, 2010, 16:34
A patch 1.02 is already out for Eschalon, Book II, Basilisk Games' newest addition to its old school rpg series. Registration for the game will be improved, a number of bugs will be squashed and spelling and grammar mistakes will be corrected. And more. The full notes:
- The Registration process has been modified to improve the accuracy of verifying codes.
- Fixed a "Divide By Zero" error when you get your HP or MP to regenerate at "1 point every 0 rounds."
- Fixed an "Exception Access Violation" when some creatures neared the edge of the map.
- Last thrown object no longer results in injury if you are unskilled in Unarmed Combat.
- Soul Piercer arrow gives proper damage bonus against ethereal creatures.
- Casting Sunder Flesh no longer crashes game.
- Spell Protection From Curses works properly.
- Spells Mass Boil and Supernova now display proper damage ranges in description.
- Encumbrance stats are properly updated after casting Draw Water.
- Sleeping in bed properly updates weather sounds.
- Combat music properly ends when leveling up, then restarts after exiting editor.
- Recipe window now displays all recipes properly.
- True Healer challenge modified so to not fail during certain events.
- Fixed an issue involving the Masterful Riposte feat and Haste being used together.
- Spell Trapkill works properly on all floor traps.
- Corrected a stat issue that caused some flying creatures to ignore open spaces over chasms and such.
- Fixed a number of grammar and spelling errors.
- Fixed several minor map errors.
- Cleaned up a few graphic anomalies on tiles & sprites
More information.
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