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May 22nd, 2010, 20:09
I should grab some. Might make leveling a bit faster.


I got Fireflash up to 5 today. So if Peter brings in his Cleric next week, I'll probably run her. I bought a 50tp XP pot, which gave 10% bonus. Basically, I soloed through Sharn, WW, Butcher's Path, and a couple others to get the level. Tomorrow, I might pull the same thing off and try for level 6.

Her damage output is high enough that mobs die before they can do much damage. In all total, I only used maybe a half a dozen CLW pots and maybe 10 charges from a CMW wand. Casters I like to hit with Trip first, which prevents them from running (or hopping) off. Since I can disarm traps and find secrets easily enough, I'm getting a considerable boost to XP there as well. You get a +8% bonus for disarming traps, another +8% for finding secret doors.

I got my first spells, which include the necessary Resist Energy and Ram's Might. Ram's Might is basically a weaker Bull's Strength, only +2 STR, but it stacks with items unlike Bull's Strength. Of course, I only have a couple of castings before I'm out of SP, but it should last long enough that it won't matter. The rest of the spells are situational at best, Jump, Tumble, etc… Camouflage would be nice, but I don't use stealth. It gives a flat +10 bonus to Hide.

Only problem is my lack of a wisdom item that doesn't take away my pathfinder's set. Losing that +2 to my attack bonus will hurt.
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