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May 26th, 2010, 14:14
Originally Posted by Lemonhead View Post
Why do developers remove dead bodies anyway? To reduce the number of polygons on the screen? Just to annoy? If I return to to a location after a certain amount of time then I expect bodies to be gone, but removing them after a few seconds is always bad in my book.
Most likely a combination of issues.

Bookkeeping can be expensive in terms of memory, and the size of savegames can be increased - and dead bodies can be quite expensive as you mention, in terms of GPU/CPU workload, and bodies tend to be interactive using the physics system of whatever engine (I assume it's Havok/Unreal here). Especially if it's a game that could potentially have a LOT of dead bodies - in which case the game could be bogged down in certain scenarios that are hard to prepare for, as a developer - because gamers can be weird

Oh, and I believe the latest versions of the Unreal engine is particularly expensive in terms of PC/NPC polygons/meshes - because they're incredibly detailed compared to most other engines. This is especially evident in games like Batman: AA - and the Mass Effect games.




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